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Andrew Ckor

I am a full-stack developer and designer with extensive experience in product development, user interface design and web technologies. I love to work with small focused teams and manage projects. I am also interested in data analysis, space and automation.
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Making the marketing world a bit more beautiful as:
Designer & Developer at Reppublika.

Selected products I have worked on


Nimber is a social delivery service that connects people who want to send something, with people going that way anyway.

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Tudu is a calendar app that lets you find common free time with your friends. You can also manage group and public calendars, particularly useful to teams and schools.

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Peopleperhour is a marketplace for freelancers. The key feature that differentiates it from the competition is that freelancers can also sell their services in a fixed price. That services called Hourlies™.

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Noise texture generator is a personal open source project that lets you create noisy background images quickly online. Made using canvas and HTML5 API.

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