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Andrew Kordampalos

is a dedicated Software Engineer with over a decade of experience in the SaaS tech business. Currently serving as a Senior Software Engineer at Zapier, shaping the future of AI products. Prior to Zapier, he was a founding engineer at Vowel, which was acquired by Zapier.

He is deeply involved in working with AI technologies, currently building agentic products, and developing solutions that utilize large language models [LLMs] and eval suites using platforms such as Braintrust. His technical skills include working with TypeScript, AWS, Next.js, Vercel, and other full-stack tools essential for scalable and efficient software development.

His experience includes leading teams, managing roadmaps, and taking projects from 0 to 1. With a proven track record as a self-starter and a leading personality, he consistently delivers high-quality results. His strong product understanding enhances his ability to lead and innovate effectively.

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